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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Homage to Madan Sara, Strong Haitian Merchants, Potomitan Ayiti, Pillars of Haiti

All Parents Want Their Kids to Do Well in Life. They want them to succeed.  Just like the migratory birds of Haiti that travel far and beyond to find foods to bring back to their nest, female Haitian merchants commonly known as Madan Sara are the main distributors of crops and the true link between farmers in the provinces and consumers in the major cities and capital, Port-au-Prince.  If Madan Sara do not up to the mountains to establish their network with the food producers, farmers, and transporters, then the city dwellers will not find anything to eat.  Yet, the educated consumers of the cities do not respect them and tend to look down on them. 

'All Parents Want Their Kids to Do Well in Life...' is an ebook that pays homage to these proud and strong women of the Haitian informal economy. 


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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

All Parents Want their Kids to Do well in Life

<p>You can purchase a copy here: 

All Parents Want their Kids to Do well in Life


<p>Here are the first two paragraphs of the text...

 <p>If you are a child growing up in Haiti, you already know what major your parents want you to select or what they want you to study.  If you are a boy, they want to become a doctor, a businessperson, a lawyer, an engineer or an architect.  Haitian parents wish their children choose those majors.  As 95 of Haitian parents are poor, they must pray a lot.  They would like to see their dreams become a reality by faith.  The remaining 5 % of Haitian children have more chance to study what their parents want them to study.  Those parents are wealthy.  They can send their kids to study in foreign countries such as the United States, France, Canada etc. That means the majority of Haitian children do not have much of a choice.  They would like to find a scholarship.  If they are lucky, they may find an evangelical or catholic church that may look for a scholarship for them from their professional network.

<p>Even before Haitian students take their official baccalaureate exams, they hope to further their studies.  However, they cannot find any financial means to pay those exorbitant fees (costs).  Those youngmen and young women’s parents work their land that does not provide good yields.  On many occasions, this lack of good yields is due to the lack of rain.  Drought is the cause of many farmers who cannot work.  Even when they plant, inundation, bad weather, and hurricane destroy their fields and livestock that could help their children.


<p>Haitian Creole



Tout paran vle pitit yo vin doktè, enjenyè, biznismenn, Pwofesyonèl, famasyen, avoka, achitèk etsetera



Si w se yon timoun k’ap grandi an Ayiti, ou deja konnen ki sa paran w vle w etidye.  Si w s’on tigason, yo vle w vin yon doktè, biznismenn, avoka, enjenyè oswa achitèk.  Paran ayisyen yo swete pitit yo etidye pwofesyon sa yo.  Kòm 95 pou san paran ayisyen pòv, yo dwe priye anpil.  Yo ta renmen wè sa rive pa lafwa.  Rès senk pou san timoun ayisyen yo gen plis chans etidye sa paran yo vle yo etidye. Paran sa yo gen anpil lajan.  Yo ka voye pitit yo al etidye nan peyi etranje tankou etazini, frans, kanada etsetera. Sa vle di majorite timoun ayisyen pa gen anpil chwa.  Yo ta renmen jwenn yon bous etid.  Si yo gen bon chans, yo ka jwenn yon legliz pwotestan oubyen katolik ki chache yon bous pou yo nan tout rezo pwofesyonèl yo. 

<p> Menm avan timoun ayisyen pase ekzamen ofisyèl bakaloreya yo, yo espere fè etid superiyè yo.  Men, yo pa ka jwenn mwayen pou yo peye gwo pri sa yo.  Papa jennjan sa yo travay latè ki pa bay bon rekòlt.  Pafwa se paske lapli pa tonbe.  Sechrès se kòz anpil kiltivatè ki pa ka travay.  Menm lè yo plante, lavalas, tanpèt, ak siklòn detwi jaden ak bèt ki ta ka ede pitit yo. 
















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